Association for Mormon Letters 2017 Conference Call for Papers

Writing the Past:

Intersections of Literature and History in Mormon Letters

Utah Valley University

April 22, 2017

Mormons have long made recording and preserving their history a priority. On the day Joseph Smith organized the Church of Christ in 1830, he revealed that “there shall be a record kept” in the new church. Almost a year later, John Whitmer became the first person tasked with “writ[ing] and keep[ing] a regular history” of the Mormon people. Since then, Mormons have sought to preserve not only their institutional history, but their cultural and personal histories as well.

Mormon creative writers have likewise sought to engage the Mormon past. Among the earliest works of Mormon fiction, poetry, and drama were texts that retold and memorialized the epic story of the Mormon pioneers and their efforts to establish a foothold in the Intermountain West. In subsequent years, Mormon writers have continued to show interest in their history, producing texts that explore the history of the Latter-day Saint experience across the globe.

These works, while grounded in the events of the past, often offer insight into the present as well, creating multi-layered texts that give insight not only into Mormon understandings of history and memory, but also into the historical moment of the text itself.

For the 2017 Association for Mormon Letters Conference, we invite proposals for papers, panels, and readings that explore the intersections of literature and history in Mormon letters. We will also consider proposals on other subjects that fall within the boundaries of Mormon Letters.

Send proposals to by 1 February 2017. Proposals should be no more than 300 words and include the title of the presentation as well as audio-visual needs.

4 Thoughts on “Association for Mormon Letters 2017 Conference Call for Papers

  1. Andrew Hall on December 21, 2016 at 11:45 pm said:

    I am running the AML awards again this year. We have judges in place, sifting through notable works for the following categories: Comics, Creative Non-Fiction, Criticism, Drama, Film, Lyrics, Middle Grade Novel, Novel, Picture Book, Poetry, Religious Non-Fiction, Short Fiction, Video Series. and Young Adult Novel.

    I am fairly aware of the major works published “by, for, or about Mormons” in 2016. However, if you would like to nominate a work for us to consider, feel free to drop me a line. Try searching this website, if a work was never mentioned in any of the “Month in Review” columns, I might not be aware of it. You can write me at: mormonlit AT gmail DOT com.

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