Irreantum, Volume 2, No. 3, Fall 2000

Irreantum, Volume 2, No. 3, 2000


Letters to the Editor: Beth Hatch and Linda Sillitoe

Editorial, “Room to Be Lousy”, by Harlow Clark

President’s Message: “Art by and about Ourselves”, by Marilyn Brown

AML News

Interview: Richard Dutcher

Interview: Robert Van Wagoner

Fiction: “Faith of the Fathers”, by Paul Rawlins

Fiction: “The Day of the Dog”, by Rodello Hunter

Fiction: “The House”, by Dorothy Peterson

Fiction: “The Lion Sleeps”, by Franklin Thatcher

Fiction: “Aftermath”, by Marilyn Brown (Excerpt from the novel The Wine-Dark Sea of Grass)

Poetry: by J. P. Steed, Mildred Barthel, Darlene Young, Rodello, and Carol Clark Ottesen

Essay: “Writing the Fantastic and Religion: Some Ruminations on the Roles of Poetry”, by Michael R. Collings

Review: Louise Plummer’s A Dance for Three, reviewed by Melissa Proffitt

Review: Robert Van Wagoner’s Dancing Naked, reviewed by Christopher K. Bigelow

Review: Linda Poulson Adams’s Prodigal Journey, reviewed by Katie Parker

Review: Julie Jensen’s Two Headed, reviewed by Susan Barnson-Hayward

Review: Marion Smith’s Riptide, reviewed by Terry L. Jeffress

Selected Recent Releases

Mormon Literary Scene

AML-List Highlights


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