Irreantum, Volume 2, No. 4, Winter 2000-2001

Irreantum Winter 2000-2001

Scott R. Parkin, Editorial: Many Modes of Mormon Expression

News of the Association for Mormon Letters

Interviews: Dave Wolverton, Mary Clyde


Lee Allred, “Nietzsche Was Right” and Other Pitfalls in Depicting Evil in Fiction
Kimberly Winston, Fantastic Journeys: Mormon Authors Say Faith Informs Their Science Fiction


And All Our Banners Flying, M. Shayne Bell
The Glowing, Thom Duncan
Dead People, Russell William Asplund
Holy Wars: Book One of Sergeyev’s Covenant, Diann Thornley Read
Take out the Trash, Melva L. Gifford
For the Strength of the Hills, Lee Allred


The Missionary’s Return, Michael R. Collings
Celebration, Michael R. Collings
Christ of Universe, Michael R. Collings
Blothisojan, Michael R. Collings
Positronic Love Affair, Linda Paulson Adams
Madwoman’s Bane, Linda Paulson Adams
Breadcrumbs, Jane D. Brady
Summer, Darlene Young
How to Make a Dragon, Sapphire Hodges
Sin and Simile, Gideon Burton


Disoriented, by Michael Ritchey, Reviewed by Preston Hunter
Enchantment, by Orson Scott Card, Reviewed by D. Michael Martindale
Ingathering: The Complete People Stories, by Zenna Henderson, Reviewed by Preston Hunter
The Gathering Storm, by Kenneth R. Tarr, Reviewed by Jeff Needle

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