Haselhuhn and Cowdell, “Lucas Lightfoot and the Water Tomb” (reviewed by Trudy Thompson)

Title: Lucas Lightfoot and the Water Tomb
Authors: Hugo Haselhuhn and Luke Cowdell
Publisher: Haselhuhn Design Inc.
Genre: Youth Fiction
Year Published: 2014
Number of Pages: 211
Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 9780991243921
Price: $8.99 
Reviewed by Trudy Thompson for the Association for Mormon Letters 
In this engaging, entertaining, and suspenseful sequel to Lucas Lightfoot and the Fire Crystal, we join Lucas and his magical chameleon Prescott in their goal of helping Lucas gain more abilities and powers. Along the way, Lucas encounters new obstacles and challenges, including being shown and subjected to the powers of evil and dark forces. 
The book starts out with Lucas and his family visiting his grandfather for the summer. It is during this time that Lucas learns that he has been chosen by Prescott to be a new Light Bearer. His grandfather explains to Lucas that Light Bearers are chosen because of their character and willingness to choose right over wrong, and that they become beacons of light to those around them in order to dispel the darkness. 
Prescott and his grandfather teach Lucas about Rebulus, also known as Rebelus the Light Thief. Rebulus wants to destroy as many Light Bearers as possible, and feels compelled to attack all Light Bearers. Lucas learns that there are many people influenced by dark forces like Rebulus, but that there are also people who have been chosen and trained as Light Bearers, and that his grandfather is one of them. 
Prescott and Grandpa place an invisible shield around Lucas, in order to protect him while he learns to rely on his heart to determine if people are influenced by Rebulus in his effort to 
destroy him and his light. 
Over the course of time, Lucas discovers that his good friend Hailey has also been given a power ring, and that she too is being trained to become a Light Bearer. The two friends are soon able to communicate with their thoughts. Together they are taught by Prescott that they are to first be invited into each other’s thoughts, and that is to be the preferred method of communication between them, especially if they are talking about becoming Light Bearers. 
This is because Rebulus and his hosts do not have the ability to read thoughts, only to hear words spoken out loud. Prescott goes on to solemnly warn them to never invite communication with one of the dark forces. 
During the summer, at the proper time, Prescott endows Hailey and Lucas with more powers to endure the tests and trials that they will have to face in order to prove themselves worthy for this new responsibility. These powers include the use of mental telepathy to communicate not only with other Light Bearers, but also with animals, wild and domestic, the use of time travel, the ability to become invisible, and the gift of moving things with the power of the mind. 
All of these gifts are sorely needed and tested when Hailey and her family and Lucas and his family go on a campout together. As they find themselves surrounded at every turn by the dark forces-in the forms of total strangers or animals-the two young friends must find their courage and push down all fear, in order to protect themselves and their families from the power of Rebulus. 
It is these passages that are the most spellbinding of the whole book! Just when it appears that all will be lost, and that the two will be destroyed, one of them remembers what they have been taught and is able to free and save the other. 
The most enlightening aspect of this book is that it teaches children in a powerful way that the true source of a Light Bearer’s power is the goodness in his or her heart. Honesty, integrity, courage and compassion for others are what ultimately lead them to overcome obstacles and solve problems. 
This book was is second in a trilogy of tales of Lucas Lightfoot. The next entry is titled “Lucas Lightfoot and the Sunstone.” I cannot wait to read this and share it with my grandchildren too! It is rare indeed to find children’s books so well crafted and written, that have the ability to hold their interest throughout, while at the same time, gently teach and guide youth through the truths of the gospel and life in general. The Lucas Lightfoot series does all that and much more! They are truly masterpieces for children, parents, and teachers. 

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