Murray, “Sophie and Scottie’s Adventures of Sweet Tooth Rock” (reviewed by Trudy Thompson)


Title: Sophie and Scottie’s Adventures of Sweet Tooth Rock
Author: Cindy C. Murray
Publisher: Madmac Press P.O. Box 1262, Poway, CA 92074
Genre: Youth Fiction/Fantasy
Year Published: 2016
Number of Pages: 214
Binding: Paperback
ISBN13: 978-1518727344
Price: $9.99 on Amazon 

Reviewed by Trudy Thompson for the Association for Mormon Letters 

Once again, author Cindy C. Murray has crafted an entertaining and unique book in the Sophie and Scottie Adventure Series. This is the third book in this delightful series, and it does not disappoint! 

In the previous book, the twin sisters have solved the mystery of Amelia Island, and return to their parents’ ranch by riding on horseback through their magical frame. This volume begins with the girls learning that a storm is approaching their sheep ranch, and they need to help their parents during and after the storm. Their ranch did sustain some damage, and as they help to clean and fix up, they discover there is a new boy helping their ranch hand Jack. They know that he must never find out about the magical frame and how it acts as a portal to far off places and amazing adventures, where Sophie and Scottie are called upon to solve a mystery! 

The sisters soon learn that another envelope from their Aunt Jill arrived during their absence. Her instructions were clear and easy to follow- but their dog Molly ran through the frame before they were able to go through!  The three find themselves in a land of snow-covered mountains and pine trees, where they meet up with Uncle Drake, and together they take a ferry boat to an area in North America called Sweet Tooth Rock. 

Once at their final destination, Colossal Candy Castle, they meet a renowned candy maker named Samuel McSweet. They learn from him that both beet and cane sugar are being intercepted and pirated on the high seas, but no one knows where such a large amount of sugar is being stored, and why it’s being stolen. 

As they go to work to solve this mystery, with the help of Maptrixter, they encounter the largest grizzly bear they have ever seen, and notice a bald eagle, who is constantly watching them. Who is behind the theft of such large amounts of sugar, where is the missing sugar, and are the grizzly bear and bald eagle going to assist them in this adventure? What special talents will they be called upon to use to protect themselves and others while they work together to get to the bottom of this mystery? Why was their dog Molly able to go though the frame to this land?  Will she be needed or useful in this adventure? Will the twins once again be able to use their wit and bravery to outsmart this diabolical plot to control the world’s sugar supply? 

This action packed adventure, with a bit of magic added in, will delight young people with its creative and well written tale. Ms. Murray once again expertly weaves in a bit of science, while building the mystery of the story, combined with a bit of intrigue and danger. 

As with the other two books of this series, Adventures of Sweet Tooth Rock won the Mom’s Choice Award Honoring Excellence, and the 2016 Family Choice Award. Parents and teachers alike would do well to keep these books in mind as gifts for the upcoming holiday season. 

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