Reflections on a Mini-era: An Editor’s Inside Look at Cedar Fort

Guest post by Heidi Doxey.

It’s been four years.

In the spring of 2008, I sat behind a brown-haired girl in my fiction editing class at BYU. She was pleasant and intelligent, but so were most of the students in that class.

One day she mentioned an internship opportunity that piqued my interest. I wouldn’t be compensated, but I also wouldn’t have to drive all the way up to Salt Lake City, which meant I could keep my paying editing job on campus and still have time to take a class that summer. That was how I met Cedar Fort, Inc., in a basement classroom inside the brand newly renovated Jesse Knight Building.

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Publishers Corner: Approaching the National Market Through Ebooks

Guest post by Karen Gowen of WiDo Publishing

The e-book opportunity has opened up entirely new markets for LDS fiction. WiDo Publishing doesn’t limit its books to Mormon fiction or shy away from it. We have several titles that deal with Mormon themes and include Mormon characters.

The question is: Do these books need warning labels? “Warning: Mormon characters may be present in this novel. If you have anything against seeing fictional Mormons or Mormonism depicted in your reading material in a positive light, read no further.”

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Publishers Corner: Alan Mitchell at Greenjacket Books

Guest post by Alan Mitchell

I’m an independent LDS publisher, which mostly means I don’t make any money. Every man needs a avocation. I’m not sure that is true. I’m not sure what an “avocation” is—is it a mission in life? I’m pretty sure every man needs a woman. Perhaps the quote was, “A man has to know his limitations.” No, that was Eastwood, who also asked the eternal question: “Do you feel lucky? Well, do you? Punk!

I shouldn’t even be writing this blog this morning but last night I ran into Chris Bigelow at the Spanish Fork High School on my way to a beekeeping class, and he hit me up to write this blog report. Synchronicity. I’ll just have to neglect my deadline for my Melchizedek book. No it’s not about the higher priesthood and its meaning in our lives. It’s about stars, seals, symbols and a scroll. It’s a big deal—I mean the deadline. My publisher is advertising the book in early April, and by “my publisher,” I mean me. Continue Reading →

Publishers Corner: Introducing Strange Violin Editions

Guest post by Therese Doucet

Strange Violin Editions is the new kid on the block in Mormon(ish) publishing, and since Chris Bigelow was kind enough to invite me to do a guest post for AML’s Publisher’s Corner, I thought I’d take the opportunity to introduce both the press and myself (since for now, Strange Violin Editions and I are pretty much synonymous). Continue Reading →

Publishers Corner: Elizabeth Beeton of B10 Mediaworx

My name is Elizabeth Beeton, writing as Moriah Jovan, and I operate B10 Mediaworx (B10, Beeton, get it?), a publisher, ebook formatter, and provider of other author services. Please forgive my foray into my authorial history, but that’s where the foundation of B10 Mediaworx was laid. Continue Reading →

Publishers Corner: Peculiar Pages for Peculiar People

Guest post by Theric Jepson

The seed for Peculiar Pages was planted—no offense—during my dissatisfaction with Irreantum‘s fiction back in the early days. I was just becoming aware that actual Mormon literature (and not just Mormon books) existed (or at least could exist; my ignorance was vast) and I was feeling young and evangelical and my wife and I had discussions about What We Could Do. We created Peculiar Pages in our minds (as a short-story rag) and then sat on it for, oh, eight years maybe. By that time I was much more aware of the MoLit scene and its history and its breadth; plus, I was digging what was in Irreantum and so Peculiar Pages no longer seemed necessary.

About this same time I realized that my longtime writing group Fob had, between us, written two short stories, a novella and at least a dozen poems based on the Old Testament. This, I realized, could be a book. So I started soliciting additional work from my fellow Fobs and began building The Fob Bible. As it came together, I quickly realized that we were about to give birth to something truly virtuous, lovely, and praiseworthy.

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Publishers Corner: The Story of Parables

By Beth Bentley

Parables has been around for about four years now, and we’ve published a book or two each year. The latest is Rob Goble’s Across a Harvested Field, which won the Marilyn Brown Novel Award. Before that, Arianne Cope’s The Coming of Elijah, too, won the Marilyn Brown Novel Award, and Angela Hallstrom’s Bound on Earth won both the AML novel award and the Whitney award for best novel by a new author. We also published Mark Bennion’s outstanding collection of poetry, but primarily we want to be known for realistic, contemporary LDS fiction.

I say “we,” but our entire staff consists of my husband, George, and me. I’m the acquisitions/editor/typesetter/marketing person, and he’s the bookkeeper/art director. He and I both have to love a manuscript before we’ll offer a contract, but it’s not like we have to convene a committee meeting over it. Continue Reading →

Publishers Corner: Zarahemla Author Guidelines

I haven’t been doing much blogging or posting in any social forums lately, mainly because I’m trying to finish up one big book project and gear up to start the next, so I don’t have much extra literary energy to spare these days (and I’m not even talking about Zarahemla projects but projects I’m authoring and/or editing for other publishers, whether contracted or on speculation). And I have to admit, the blog discussion I got into here a couple of months ago about Zarahemla Books threw me for a loop. But it caused me to do some thinking and evaluating, and I came up with some new author guidelines that I thought I’d share, not least because they include some realistic thinking about Zarahemla’s niche. So without much further ado, here are the new guidelines, and if they prompt any comments, fine. Deep down, I hope some author out there comes up with such a great book in Zarahemla’s niche that I absolutely MUST publish it simply because it’s so exquisite. Continue Reading →

Publishers Corner: What to Publish?

It’s Saturday afternoon, and I’ve just finished preparing the 2009 royalty statements and checks for Zarahemla Books authors. Sometimes I wonder about spending so much time on this endeavor, but I felt good today when I totaled up the grand total of books sold since Zarahemla started in 2006: 4,000 copies of 11 titles, with revenues totaling over $30,000. So that’s not nothing. And just yesterday I spent two hours on the phone with a non-Mormon Salt Lake Tribune reporter who is very interested in Zarahemla and is preparing a feature article. Other times, however, it seems like weeks go by without so much as a single book order coming in, and I start to wonder… Continue Reading →